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Memorial service

Memorial services are a beautiful and vital aspect of farewells and funerals. They bring together the next of kin and other mourners within a community to share memories of the departed.

We tailor memorial services to your preferences, covering all elements that constitute the service. We manage the practical arrangements, including catering, table settings, and cleanup, with a dedicated waiter on hand.

We suggest bringing a photograph or a piece of memorabilia of the loved one to the service. It’s also common to display commemorative addresses during the event.

Memorial services can be held at one of the available parish venues.

Below, you will find options along with their seating capacities.

Vaasa Trinity Church crypt: 100
Koulukatu 26, small parish hall: 40
Palosaari parish building, small hall: 60
Palosaaren parish building, large hall: 110
Gerby parish building: 60
Vetokannas Church: 40
Huutoniemi Church, parish hall: 100
Old Vaasa’s Rectory: 45–50
Sundom Rectory: 80
Hietalahti parish building: 40

We collaborate with Bacchus, Panini’s Kitchen, and Andreas Knip’s home bakery to arrange memorial services. While we offer a selection of foods through these partnerships, you are welcome to order from other providers if you prefer.

Memorial services can also be held at a restaurant or café. We have partnerships with multiple venues in Vaasa. Please contact us, and we will provide details about our additional options.

Foods served at memorial services

All our offerings are lactose-free, and we accommodate various dietary restrictions.

Server’s fee: 38 €/h
Delivery cost 21 €
Prices are including VAT