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Flower arrangements

Florist Blom-Finne collaborates closely with Huhta & Finne Funeral Home, with our offices located adjacent to each other. Here, you can discover exquisite floral arrangements and bouquets.

Contact Blom-Finne by phone at 06 318 8722 or via email at info@kukkafinne.fi.

Carefully assembled floral arrangements

Since the 1950s, Blom-Finne has offered a selection of flowers and arrangements suitable for funerals, memorial services, and burials. We meticulously assemble each arrangement to meet your specific desires.

Personal bouquets for funerals

During floral tributes, the next of kin approach the coffin or urn to place a bouquet or a single flower as a final farewell. We ensure the flowers are delivered directly to the funeral or memorial service.

The choice of flowers should represent both you and the departed. If you are uncertain about the type of floral arrangement you prefer, we can create something special, such as incorporating the deceased’s favorite flowers, highlighting their preferred color, or selecting seasonal blooms.

Blom-Finne is proud to be a member of the Interflora chain of florists.


90–180 €


80–150 €


60–90 €