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Ash scattering at sea

Scattering the ashes of a loved one at sea offers a beautiful and dignified way to say farewell. A profound connection to the ocean and nature are just some of the reasons to consider ash scattering at sea.

In the territorial waters of Vaasa city, near Vaskiluoto, there is a designated area for ash scattering. We are ready to assist you with arranging this ceremony. Our funeral home possesses its own boat, accommodating up to seven people.

Permit for Ash Scattering

We handle all necessary permits and liaise with the relevant authorities on your behalf. The urn can be collected either one day in advance or on the day of the scattering ceremony. The use of the funeral home’s boat for scattering ashes starts from 200 €.

Should you prefer to scatter the ashes in a different location, you must obtain permission from the landowner. The documentation must include the owner’s consent and the exact location, whether the scattering is to be at sea or on land.